The goal of Tolle Lege Institute is to support studies on the History and Theology of the Reformation in Poland & Central-Eastern Europe with special commitment to 

Reformed, Presbyterian and historic Evangelical confessions.

Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth 1739

Tolle Lege Institute

 Dedicated to Reformation Studies in Central-Eastern Europe

  Since 2007

In Poland the Institute is registered as non-profit organization called "Fundacja Instytutu Tolle Lege" 
KRS: 0000602145​, Regon: 363 740 170,   NIP: 525-264-76-89

In the US Tolle Lege Institute is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and all gifts are tax-deductible in the U.S.


  • Translation and publication of materials

  • Establishment of a study center with a library, bookstore, and coffee shop in Warsaw, Poland

  • Organization of academic and ministry conferences and seminars  

  • Collaboration with other academic and ecclesiastical institutions.